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Well, I’m making a album review of one of my favourites musicians around, Gustavo Cerati.

He is considered one of the most influential musicians of all time in latin music, along with his band Soda Stereo.

We’ll review each one of his solo efforts, 2 albums at the time.

  • Colores Santos 

This collaboration with Daniel Melero is considered “the mother of Dynamo” Soda Stereo’s sixth studio album. This record shows a strong influence of electronic music, totally opposite to Soda’s previous work “Cancion Animal”. One of the song in this album (Tu Medicina) or should i say all of it is dedicated to Cerati’s dad, Juan Carlos, who had recently passed away.This is one of the first approaches that Cerati made to electronic music throughout his career.

 ”In some way this album was like a UFO in the argentinian rock scene at the beginning of the 90’s”-Ivan Adaime, All music

This album was launched in 1992 in 3 different formats: Vinyl, Cd and Cassette.

Song list

  1. Vuelta por el Universo
  2. Marea de Venus
  3. Cozumel
  4. Quatro
  5. Pudo Ser
  6. Hoy ya no soy yo
  7. La Cuerda Planetaria
  8. Madre Tierra
  9. Tu Medicina
  10. Alborada
  11. Colores Santos

Personal favourites

Vuelta por el universo, Cozumel, Pudo ser ( I think it contains the intro note of A hard day’s night by The Beatles), Hoy ya no soy yo, Tu medicina and Colores Santos.

  • Love has a color, Amor Amarillo

Edited in 1993, this album is his first offcial solo work with collaboration of his fellow band mate and bass player, Zeta Bosio and his wife, Chilean model Cecilia Amenabar, this album is flooding with love, it totally reflects the moment he was living at the time with his wife and his condition as a father to-be, even his son’s, Benito, heartbeats are used at the end of a song.

"Love?: Yellow

Baby?: Extraplanetary

Soda Stereo?: My group

This moment?: This moment…This moment is unique”- Gustavo Cerati

This album was edited in Cd, cassette and in vinyl with a very limited release in Ecuador and Colombia.

Song list

  1. Amor Amarillo
  2. Lisa
  3. Te Llevo para que me lleves
  4. Pulsar
  5. Cabeza de Medusa
  6. Av. Alcorta
  7. Bajan
  8. Rombos
  9. Ahora es nunca
  10. A Merced
  11. Torteval

Personal favourites

To be honest, this is one of my favourite albums in my music collection. I like the whole atmosphere, as well the song lyrics. If you listen to this album, you can notice a Demo-style that’s because Cerati setup a little music studio in his apartment in Chile and made, almost all the arrangements by himself with the help of his wife. When it was transferred to the studio, he made very few arrangements with purpose of maintaining his close to home/ love nest atmosphere. This album is a must listen.

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I think I’ve seen love, love wearing a pair of wayfarers

I think I’ve seen love, love wearing a pair of wayfarers


"My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West"


my favourite song for the last few weeks.